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Tibetan Singing Bowls

How to Play Metal Tibetan Singing Bowls
Place it on one hand with your hand flat, avoid touching the edge as it would trap the sound. You can tap or circle the bowl. Apply firm pressure and make consistent touch to the rim of the bowl. You will feel the vibration build up through your hand and start to hear the bowl sing. 


When bowls are placed on the body and being played, the vibration of the bowls travel straight to the body and has amazing healing effects! They can be used to balance chakras, ease tension or anxiety and create deep relaxation effects. 

The note and tone of some bowls may be changed by putting in a little water and then playing the bowl. Gently swirling the water around as the bowl is played produces interesting effects. It is best to use spring or bottled water when doing this.

 Notes of bowls, such as  C and a G,  create a perfect fifth and  a portal  for healing, higher consciousness,  altered states of awareness and allow you to enter higher dimensions of light.


Tibetan Talking Bowls are originated from Nepal used by the ancient monks. They are rare as they give out a sound that sounds as if dolphins are talking when water is added while playing.

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