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What sort of results may I expect from the healing sessions? 

You may feel instant energy flow passing through areas on the body or around the body, it could be heat, or coolness or aches as clearing taking place. Certain images or memories, or colours may be visible to you depending on the focus of the healing session. After the session, you may feel slightly tired as you might need time to process the energy detox or cleanse. You may feel more energised after the session as your energy flow being resumed. You may experience physical, emotional, mental clarity and wellbeing. Situations may change such as relationship or connection with other people, again depending on the focus of the session. It is possible to experience deeper connection with Source, deeper connection with your stellar soul teams and deeper connection with your soul. Suppressed memories may surface after the session. Lifestyle preferences and sleeping pattern can change. Some have expressed one's physical appearance being more attractive. It is also possible physical detoxes such as vomitting can occur though not very common.


How does Toroidal Stargate Activation work?

This healing modality works through one's magnetism and focused intention to direct toroidal energy towards a particular body area or on an energy field/ portal. It works across spacetime and across realities and dimensions. It works on consciousness/ unifield field and in the quantum. 

What can Toroidal Stargate Activation address? 

It can focus on any situations/ energy fields/ consciousness. As it works on directing toroidal energy, crystallisation, meaning it can assist in crystallisation of soul blueprint, fluids, DNA, energy field. It assists in activating dormant DNA, or activating subtlest time spheres. It assists bringing light to dormant memories. It assists in starseed awakening, crystallisation of one's energy signature. It also assists in resuming one's magnetism and frequency. It also works on anchoring certain frequencies in one's field.
Regarding the protection aspect, it assists in clearing dark portal connections, whether it's with a physical space, a consciousness or a galactic portal. it also assists targetted individuals from being 'targetted'/ mitigate the effects of being 'targetted'. It also helps minimise the effects of nanotechnology portal connection. 
Regarding activating light, it assists in potentially activating a light portal and activating more light in DNA blueprint. 

On a soul retrieval / quantum healing level, it assists in retrieving lost soul fragments and in healing wounds and crystallising residues of density in the atoms. 

Will I still receive the healing even when I fell asleep during the session?

Yes, healing is still taken place. Falling asleep means your body needed that space to rest and rejuvenate. 

How do you conduct your sessions?

I normally conduct sessions over the phone, whether video or audio calls. I would lead you in a 'guided meditation' format in which you simply make yourself comfortable. I may guide you towards certain areas in the body and ask you to focus on certain colours during the sessions. Notes are taken during the session and can be shared with you if you wish. 


Do you have you see me in person/ see me to conduct a session?

No. it's not necessary

Can it be used on animals/ plants/ places? 

Yes it is possible. We can also work on the diseased or consciousness that has not been incarnated on earth. 

Can the healing work on someone I know? 

It depends on the free will and the soul's consent. During/ prior to the session, we will check if it is under the person's soul's consent to work on certain areas. It is possible to work on certain areas but not the other. It is also possible that certain healing on others that are connected to the recipient (e.g. family members or loved ones, or space) can take place if it facilitates the healing purposes and is for the highest good for all consciousness concerned. 

How many sessions would I need? 

It is hard to generalise how many sessions one would need. However, around 2 to 4 sessions would be roughly someone would benefit from regarding purification and healing. Activation sessions can take place after certain level of energetic 'clearing' is done. 

How frequent should I do a session? 

Roughly 1 week in between is ideal for the recipient to process and assimilate the energy.

What do I expect to achieve after taking the practitioner course? 

You will be able to access the healing system and use it for yourself and others. The areas of focus can be vast depending on your intention. Just note that everyone is different and we all have different gifts. You may use the healing system differently and bring in your own gifts in the healing sessions and at your own pace.  


Will I be able to pass on the activations to others after completing the practitioner course? 

Yes, I would suggest giving yourself at least 2 weeks before doing so. Best to do some self healing in the meantime. 



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