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Targetted Individuals (TIs)

Do you know who you truly are? Do you know what you’re here for? 

At times we might feel at lost. We have to remember who we are, or at least know who 
we are, feel who we truly are, through recalling stellar memories and releasing our stellar 
traumas and wounds. 

Some might have undergone alien contact experiences and being mind-wiped, their gifts 
being suppressed and dormant. They might not be aware of what happened or that they 
have/had experienced alien contact/ abduction/ hybridisation. 
It’s time to reclaim our soul sovereignty and reconnect with our stellar origins. 

How do you know you might be targeted/ have undergone alien contact? 
1. Unexplained capacities (physically, psychically, knowledge-wise) 
2. Unexplained marks/ bruises 
3. Strange/ unusual dreams 
4. Missing memories/ time 
5. Memories without emotional ‘association’ 
6. Unexplained physical symptoms/ conditions, sensitivity to certain substances 
7. Unusual/ unexplainable behavioural/ emotional/ mental responses (e.g. certain 
auditory, visual, mental and psychic triggers)
8. Unexplainable pains/ discomfort in certain areas of the body 
9. Unexplainable personality ‘switch’ 
10. Memories of ‘seeing’/ dreaming of extra-terrestrials 
11. Interesting perception of time and space 
Areas of Discovery 
1. Unexplainable Strange incidents 
2. Age of onset & timeline when it happened 
3. Lost/ implanted/ unexplained memories 
4. Strange Dreams 
5. Roles/ incidents in extra-terrestrials contact 
6. Stellar origins 
7. Soul gifts/ talents 
8. Soul contracts/ agreements 
9. Ancestral connection (if any) 
10. Stellar karma (if any) 
11. Implants/ nanotechnology (if any) 
12. Alters/ alternate identities (if any)
13. Any inorganic / undivine DNA hijack 

Healing Areas 
1. Healing/ Clearing Inorganic Associations & Implants
i. Clearing/ deactivate implants, chips, nanotechnology
a. For tracing, surveillance 
b. Programming 
c. Hybridisation 
d. Nano fibre/ switches 
e. Neurallink implants 
f. Cords 
g. For energy siphoning 
ii. Release implanted neural pathway association 
 Release triggered/ conditioned mental, emotional and vibrational patterns 
 Release magnetic connection with neural communication, word, sound or imagery 
triggers that generate stress, anger, fear, self-destructive thoughts and emotions 
iii. Release temporal manipulation and temporal perception distortion 
and frequency alteration 
iv. Reverse genetic manipulation / genetic material exchange, release 
distortion of DNA blueprint 
v. Release DNA tapping 
vi. Release programming running in one’s psyche and terminate the 
combination ‘code’/ holographic triggers that activates the 
e.g. fear programming, scarcity programming, victim mentality, sexuality 
programming, suicidal programming, false desires, inorganic human union, 
transhumanism, desensitisation of human sentiments 
vii. Release manipulation of soul essence harvesting and soul path 
The artificial intelligence, dark ET groups try to steal the light and take away the genetic 
codes that have encrypted messages of soul’s gifts and soul plan. By siphoning the 
essence of the soul and tapping into one’s timeline and soul destiny, it encapsules the 
essence in a frozen crystalline obelisk structure that can be retrieved and taken out as a 
means of manipulation, and also used for energy recuperation for the dark beings. When 
it’s no longer useful or completely depleted, they discard it and the person ‘dies’ as a 
result due to lack of vital energy. In some way, these people are half dead as their soul 
energy has been devitalised and function more like a zombie. The soul has been 
devoured. The person might have signed a subconscious or conscious pact with the dark 
 Dissolve the crystalline capsule structure that ‘freezes’ the soul essences that 
contains one’s soul plans and akashic records 

Retrieve the lost essences extracted from kundalini and golden seed atom in the 

 Rescue souls trapped in obelisks based on dark magic with inverted kabbalah 
 Retrieve lost ‘information’ harvested from the dark entities and return to one’s 
 Retrieve lost kundalini psychic lifeforce energy and soul fragments 
 Release energetic ‘pull’ from base of the spine 
 Release attaching human vessel and astral body to artificial constructs that deprives 
one’s energy 
 Retrieve fire codes, time codes in DNA 
 Retrieve missing soul plan codes – bridge soul plans 
 Resume divine soul plans and timelines 
viii. Magnetic Field Purification & Healing 
 Release inorganic merge of magnetic field with AI 
 Magnetic disconnection from black magic energy field 
 Magnetic disconnection from dark space portal, inter-dimensional, infra-dimensional 
and lower 4th dimensional field 
 Purify energetic points that connect to inter/infra/lower 4th dimensional field 
 Prevent access by dark ET forces to brain print/ energy signature 
 Retrieve lost soul fragments and lost kundalini energy via dark magnetic connections 
ix. Retrieve dormant & suppressed memories, release false implanted 
memories/ brain-print
x. Release alternate(s)/ artificial identities 
Those who have gone through alien contact might have had multiple ‘clones’ of the 
original, they will have programming, artificial intelligence, chips in their vessel. If by any 
chance they want to get out of the programming, their memories/ cognitive functioning 
can be switched off or they can be switched to their ‘alters’/ alternate identities as the 
chips and implants are still controlling them. 
 Trauma release – releasing traumatic triggers 
 Release signal frequency manipulation 
 Retrieve lost soul fragments 
 Reclaim lost talents/ activate talents from alternate(s) 
 Energetic disconnection from alternate(s) 
 Release soul pacts with alternate(s) 
 Reclaim authentic soul identity, dissolve inorganic split personalities 
 Release programming running in alternate(s) 
 Release inorganic timeline merge & resume harmonic timeline 
 Correct mixed up timeline with alternates / false identities 
 Join the split in artificial identities 

Release/ cut off access to you via artificial identities by dark ET forces 
 Release compartmentalisation of memories/ mind 
xi. Release arranged marriage with certain individuals (false pair-up/ 
false twin) 
xii. Energetic clearing & healing from Hybridisation (if applies)
 Energetic and magnetic disconnection from hybrids and beings involved in 
 Purify genetic materials & sexual energy 
 Purify DNA blueprint 
 Resume divine stellar DNA blueprint 

Energetic & Magnetic Disconnection from malevolent beings 
i. Cut cords/ energetic disconnection from associated Extra-terrestrial 
ii. Release karmic debts with ancestors (if applies) 
iii. Disconnect from dark portals (Earth, planetary, galactic) 
iv. Release/ dissolve undivine soul contracts/ pacts in alien contact 
 Terminate contract with alien contact, hybridisation, &/or ‘Supersoldier’ 

Energetic Purification & Recuperation 
i. Electromagnetic frequency purification 
ii. Rectify past events, create new ascended reality 
iii. Heal Toroidal Field 
 Release implanted thoughts, beliefs, emotions, information in information field 
 Reconnect with the original divine information field 
 Reconnect with source unified field & Source consciousness 
 Magnetise heart toroidal field 
 Resume the magnetism of neural circuits, pineal and heart
 Create magnetism between heart and brain 
 Reclaim soul sovereignty over electromagnetic field 
 Reconnect electromagnetic field with Sun, Galactic Sun & stellar light portals 
iv. Energetic Recuperation 
 Resume emotional stability and sensitivity, energetic coherence, resume senses and 
perception as a stellar human being 
v. Purify Human DNA portals 
vi. Anchor ascended soul contracts 
vii. Activate dormant noncoding DNA 
viii. Activate stellar light portal connection 

Personal Empowerment 
i. Retrieve/ activate dormant & suppressed gifts and talents
ii. Learning about their stellar connection ‘tools’ 
iii. How to receive light codes from stellar light portals 
iv. Learning how to utilise their soul gifts and talents on a practical level 
Potential abilities/ skills targeted individuals can learn to do
i. Ability to clear implants/ programming, energy tapping and reading 
ii. Ability to clear/ seal dark portals (on humans, earth and galactic) 
iii. Ascend DNA blueprint – activate dormant crystalline codes in others and anchor 
their enhanced codes onto others 
iv. Crystalline code work – generate crystalline codes for soul evolution and soul 
gifts awakening 
v. Remote viewing, interplanetary healing 
vi. Healing past events, quantum healing, shifting realities 
vii. Timeline work 
viii. Soul contract ascension 
ix. Retrieve lost soul memories and release implanted memories 
x. Activate light portals, pathways in galaxy to enhance circulation of light codes 
xi. Ability to direct toroidal energy as healing 
xii. Galactic guardian – ensure galactic justice, bringing galaxy to zeropoint, circulate 
toroidal energy between light pathways & portals 


Suggested scope of healing process for Targeted Individuals: 
2-3 sessions are recommended to cover the general scope of healing 
If you wish to be trained to conduct healing for yourself and others (i.e. activate abilities in 
section 5), it might require 2-3 sessions 

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