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Become a Practitioner 

The basic is the activation of toroidal energy and enabling practitioners to direct toroidal energy to conduct healing via focused intent and magnetism. It works primarily on directing light/ frequencies.

What you can do as a Practitioner?

  • Remote healing through directing toroidal energy & focused intent 

  • Ability to activate light portals to magnetise more light in the field

  • Resume lost/ dormant soul gifts and abilities

  • Connect with crystalline light codes and transmit light codes between humans and spaces

  • Ability to ascend timelines 

  • Ability to ascend soul contracts (including voiding undivine, unserving and subconscious contracts) 

  • Attract better circumstances for your highest good 

  • Starseed awakening 

  • Conduct interdimensional and multidimensional healing for others, including spaces 

  • Collective healing for planetary and galactic portals

  • Ability to perceive possible ascended reality of someone before it is manifested in quantum reality – then anchor and materialise it

  • Activate soul memories and soul gifts related to stellar incarnations – seeded in DNA fields, toroidal field

  • Activate human portals, Earth and galactic portals

  • Activate light field around a person

  • Activate dormant crystalline codes

  • Anchor Raised Truth Resonance in the now – individually and for twin souls

  • Reactivate dimmed light codes

  • Replenish crystalline light codes

  • Transmit and activate crystalline light codes from someone/ a place/ stellar group to another consciousness (e.g. person/ place/ galactic locations) or timeline

  • Generate crystalline light codes with your inner vision – with geometry and colours might help with consolidation for a particular purpose (e.g. soul mission and soul gift activation, stellar soul group connection), then activate these codes and allow assimilation

  • Anchor new earth crystalline codes on human vessels, in the toroidal field and on Earth

Practitioner Course consists of 7 sessions:

1.         Activations (preferably split into 5-6 sessions, 2-3 activations each time)  

3.         Practice session for practitioners – where practitioners will lead a session

Note: It’s advisable to have at least a week in between activations.


Types of Energetic Scanning

1.    Portal/ Energy Field scan 
Heart, pineal and solar plexus portal mainly 
Connect with one’s soul spiral and check for purification and crystallisation 
2.    Holographic scan
•    Check if there are any artificial holographic inserts, programming, cell painting, photon painting, imprinted geometries, imprinted entities, artificial light, etc 
•    Could possibly detect AI infiltration, timeline infiltration
•    Clear any imprinted ‘clock’ on wrists – like imprinted death pentality, halting one’s life 
3.    Soul Blueprint scan
•    Check if there are any cuts/ splits in DNA strands or added artificial proteins, DNA strands or genes 
•    Check if there is genetic reversals (reversed genes being written) 
•    Check if there are disjoint lines, fragmented light or scrambled light codes affected by artificial EMF and EMP 
•    Release soul blueprint from being mapped/ tapped by artificial intelligence/ consciousness 
•    Check if there’s digital twin, soul taps, soul overlays (in which a layer of alter-soul imprinted on one’s soul blueprint caused by traumas, digital twin or soul swaps) 
•    Make soul blueprint more intact, symmetrical, subtler and vibrant 
•    See if there’s possibility for blueprint ascension (e.g. diamond sun blueprint, or activation of dormant light codes from previous civilisations for the new race) 
4.    Nontemporality & Nonlocality scan
•    Perceive if there’s potential hijack of one’s timelines/ time spheres and dark portal connections 
•    Perceive if there’s presence of phantom spheres of realities 
•    Perceive all potential spheres of realities and anchor the subtlest one 



£560 for all 7 sessions, instalment options available

Please email me for any questions & more info. 

Instalment options available

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