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A recent testimonial from someone I worked with on AI clearing from genetic therapy

'I was having a hard time with my spiritual practice after getting the va c c i ne, and I could definitely feel something was "off" in my energy field and with my vision. My usual energy clearing practices weren't working, and it felt like I was just pulling an endless stream of junk out of my aura. I was starting to feel really defeated. San worked with both my toroidal field and quantum energy to pinpoint and dissolve areas of infiltration that were affecting my perception, energy levels and emotions. I feel more empowered than I have in years, and a single session has dramatically changed the course of my life. I cannot thank her enough for helping me not only heal but also witness the full impact of getting the vaccine, which I wasn't fully ready to admit to myself.

San helped me clear the AI contracts completely and I was able to see and consciously remove my "digital clones" that they were using to distort my energy and interact with others.'

"I was unsure what to expect and talk of extraterrestrial encounters, if I'm honest, left me feeling uneasy. But when I got to speak with San she listened to what had been happening with me and without judgement said that I'd had some entities attached through no fault of my own. I then became curious as to what had happened and it seemed that some of the explorations into spirituality that I have made have left some energy being siphoned off by teachers and other beings. Although still sceptical I continued with the process which was fast and yet gentle. I was  enjoying visualising myself being filled with different coloured light and was surprised that San picked up on a small but significant purple mark on my lower left leg which as this was over the phone she could not have known about. We discovered where it had originated and started to work on all these attachments I'd picked up over the years. 
Since the session I have felt more happy to be in my body. Less dark thoughts and more time for myself and more reflective practice. Instead of thinking what I "should" do I now feel able to ask what is it that I am moved to do.  Even if I don't understand the process fully it seems to work on a very deep quantum level which I'm now seeing immeditate and slower to reveal effects occurring. Life seems to have taken on a new easier pace and the demands I thought I had on myself seem to have eased off, so may well have not been my own demands at all.
I highly recommend San and her work." Letitia, O. 


"San is a kind, capable and compassionate healer. I have received sound healing from her for about a year now, and have experienced a new level of sensitivity and groundedness.  Her approach is gentle and precise, and the new work she is doing with Toroidal energy ads so much power to that precision! The recent Toroidal Stargate Activation session I did with her has been life changing for my ability to feel grounded, break through limitations, and communicate my truth. I have been working with energy and aura myself for many years with my kundalini yoga practice, so there are few people I turn to when I need support with my energy or if I want to unlock new capabilities.  San is one of them."

- Priya Shiva, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“I have had quite a few sessions with San and her work is very powerful and profound. She is deeply intuitive and is able to deliver exactly what I need in that session to move blocks and open the possibility for expansion. She also has a great sense of humour and I really enjoy working with her” - Fran H. 

'San truly is a wonderful being! I spent 2 sessions with her on the subject of TI, releasing negative contracts and negative ET experiences.

After the first session I experienced serious purging, which tells me the session was successful.

The 2nd session was less turbulent on my part, and I could clearly feel the energetic effects!

So yes, I definitely recommend her sessions. She has a very varied range of services, so I’m sure there is something beneficial for everyone' - Jessica V.

"San showed amazing insight into areas of energetic healing and shone light on elements that limited flow.  Her way of practicing was enlightening and eye opening." Olivia, C.

'My dear wife had a cession on vision with San, she found it so deep and transformative that she recommended for me to explore it as well. 
I was honestly sceptical, but finely accepted. At the beginning it was challenging for me to be present of what was happening. Then I started to let go and open to what was alive and felt energies moving in my body. 
I cannot really explain, what I know is that it helped me to go through some obstacles which were blocking me. 

Gratitude San for the work you share with the ones who come to you 🙏🏼



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Video testimonial from a practitioner: 

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