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Toroidal Stargate Activation


The Healing modality Toroidal Stargate Activation came about in 2018 when a mysterious spiral shape was cut out of a plastic tub in an enclosed cupboard overnight. It was initially for self-healing then became accessible to others.

Toroidal Stargate Activation is a healing modality in which we direct toroidal energy to create healing, through our own frequency, magnetism and crystallisation of our geometric soul blueprint.


Thus, this healing modality focuses on refining one's frequency, magnetism and geometry. It works on nontemporality, nonlocality through frequency and magnetism entrainment, across spacetime and dimensions. It aims to create resonance shift in one’s energy field and crystallise our soul spiral that is our portal in our heart. As a practitioner, one can magnetise light and magnetism through one's geometry, energy field, retuning light, creating multidimensional light portals and become one's source of light and magnetism. 


This healing system mainly focuses on 3 aspects:

1.    Energetic clearing/ protection

·         Energy field

·         Energy flow  

·         portal/ soul spiral

·         DNA blueprint

2.    Energetic empowerment

·         Resume divine DNA blueprint

·         Resume one’s magnetism

·         Retrieval of soul memories, soul gifts

·         Reconnect with one’s soul origin(s)

·         Reanchor stellar light codes

3.    Quantum Light Magician

·         Activating light portals

·         Activate subtlest spheres of realities

·         Ascend DNA blueprint

·         Activate new stellar alliances and light codes

Resonance – Electricity – Frequency

Our frequency is our resonance, which is our vibration. They are all the same thing. We can sometimes feel others’ frequency, energy through different perception channels, such as hear, see, feel, touch, know, smell, bodily sensations. That is why sometimes we can feel ‘electricity’ running in our body.

Toroidal stargate Activation is focused on directing toroidal energy – electricity, photonic light with our focused intent.

Field – Magnetism – Portal

Our energy field is our magnetism. It is our toroidal field that looks like the shape of an torus – like a donut/ apple. It is also a portal. Every consciousness has its own magnetic field that is a portal. We are a portal. Within our human vessel, there are many portals. Even our DNA has a field, it is a portal.

Quantum torch of light – activation 2 works on magnetic fields more – directing energy fields, dissolving dense fields, assimilating light fields, and activating light fields thus portals.

Light codes – Geometry – DNA Blueprint

Our light codes are geometric, as we are in holographic universe. Everything can be manifested as geometry. Crystalline light codes provide information, and we are constantly exchange light codes with one another. Crystalline codes can bilocate or locate in several dimensions and realities at the same time. We can transmit light codes from one field to another, one timeline to another. Light codes are manifested as DNA blueprint. When we activate and assimilate new crystalline codes, it creates a new geometric field that is the ascended DNA blueprint. The light codes can be circulated and shared with other consciousness that share the same frequency resonance bandwidth. Apart from New Earth Crystalline Codes, we can also activate crystalline codes for Soul gifts activation, Stellar origins connection, soul evolution.

DNA Codes & Frequency as Keys to Portals 

As you may know, our DNA codes are keys to open/ deactivate/ connect to a portal, if your DNA codes are distorted/ scrambled/ altered, we are losing the innate connection to Source, or to our soul teams, as well as the shift of magnetism will create that misalignment, deviation from Source. 

Vice versa, when we activate more light in our DNA, it creates a better/ closer alignment/ frequency resonance with our soul teams and we gradually retrieve more 'missing' pieces , then we be able to connect with Source better and activate our lost soul gifts. The missing component is always there. we simply have to activate light upon it, to readjust the frequency or magnetism, so that the energy fields can rotate and turn properly. 

As one raises his/her vibration, one can then wilfully disconnect from any dark portals one had connections with. It is also a way of releasing karma, individually and collectively. At the same time, when one expands one's energy field and fills one's DNA blueprint with light, it creates the potential of activating a new light portal connection. 

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