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Toroidal Stargate Activation


Toroidal Stargate Activation is a healing modality in which we direct toroidal energy to create healing, through our own frequency, magnetism and crystallisation of our geometric blueprint. Our harmonic resonance in terms of frequency, magnetism and geometry with Source and our stellar teams determines how much light we can transmit and receive. Thus, this healing modality focuses on refining one's frequency, magnetism and geometry. It works on nontemporality, nonlocality through frequency and magnetism entrainment, across spacetime and dimensions. It aims to create resonance shift in one’s energy field and crystallise our soul spiral that is our portal in our heart. As a practitioner, one can magnetise light and magnetism through one's geometry, energy field, retuning light, creating multidimensional light portals and become one's source of light and magnetism. 

This healing system mainly focuses on 3 aspects:

1.    Energetic clearing/ protection

·         Energy field

·         Energy flow 

·         portal/ soul spiral

·         DNA blueprint

2.    Energetic empowerment

·         Resume divine DNA blueprint

·         Resume one’s magnetism

·         Retrieval of soul memories, soul gifts

·         Reconnect with one’s soul origin(s)

·         Reanchor stellar light codes

3.    Quantum Light Magician

·         Activating light portals

·         Activate subtlest spheres of realities

·         Ascend DNA blueprint

·         Activate new stellar alliances and light codes


Practitioner course available! 

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