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1. Toroidal Stargate Activation  

The Basic of Toroidal Stargate Activation.

2. Monadic Portal Alignment & Activation 

Through connecting  one’s energy field with the monadic portal, one can access the soul kingdom. 

3. Etheric Quantum Refinement 

We are working on anchoring one’s consciousness in  its most divine ‘space’ in the ether. 

4. Correcting Reversed Engineered Technology

  • Release frequency/ magnetic/ pulsing entrainment 

  • Release brainprint and energy signature being traced and accessed

5. Light Portal Alignment
When we activate more light in our DNA, it creates a better alignment/ frequency resonance with our stellar soul teams and we gradually can activate our latent soul gifts.

6. Quantum Leap through Non-Temporality 

  • Release from being in stasis/ spacetime continuum 

  • Transporting consciousness to non-temporality to heal, ascend, crystallise cells,  atoms, DNA, neural network, energy signature, energy field, organs, DNA  blueprint, or any consciousness 


7. DNA Rejuvenation Vacuum 

  • Reverse genetic engineering, clearing any genetic manipulations from surroundings, e.g. food, air, water, clothing, cosmetics

  • Repair DNA and rejuvenate DNA Blueprint 

  • Crystallised Ether -12th strand DNA healing and activation 

  • Crystallised geometry 

  • DNA codes/ gates activation

8. Light Sensor Activation 

The light sensors in one’s energy field and DNA fields should be operational and active in human beings.


9. Release Phase Locks on portals  

o Dissolve threads that sustain the phase locks 

o Reverse disguise of missing time – stops time or the perception of passage of time 

o Reverse suspension of portals 

o Release distortion of continuity of space-time 

o Enable divine spinning and rotation of portals 

o Enable Reception and transmission of light codes 

10.Soul Spiral Purification & Crystallisation 

  • Release (if any) reversed spiral upon soul spiral 

  • Release any ‘underpainting’ on soul spiral – pre-soul incarnation imprints or subliminal undivine contracts 

  • Release one from connection to phantom matrices/ halls of mirrors 

  • Release preset programming/ visual energetic imprints operating at preset neutron window spin/ spiral spin

  • Dissolve artificial spirals that connect to phantom timelines and inverted spirals 

  • When the soul spiral is crystallised, it magnetises light in parallel realities and in other dimensions the soul is in.  

11.Crystallise Neutron Windows with Stellar Groups 

  • crystallise neutron windows with specific stellar groups to re-route the neutron windows and ascend stellar map/ trajectory 

  • crystallise the shared unified field 

  • create a field of resonance with our stellar soul teams to enhance the connection and communication 

12. New Earth Crystalline DNA codes, New Earth Crystalline Portal and Galactic portal 

All light codes from previous civilisations are ready to be crystallised and assimilated by individuals who have access to these light codes. Those who are ready or in resonance with these DNA codes will receive and assimilate these codes at their own pace according to their soul evolution and stellar map/ trajectory.

  • Rearranging fire codes – embodying and activating new Earth DNA light codes. 

  • The dominant colours transform further, into more refined colours, vibration, magnetism of these new earth crystalline colours in subdimensions. It’s refinement  to absolute precision to the new earth frequency and magnetism, to be in perfect  alignment with new earth and galactic crystalline portal. 

  • Synchronise our soul spiral with the light codes to enable assimilation of light codes from the Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean races 

  • Create fields of resonance to connect with the DNA light codes for the new race  New Crystalline Earth & Galactic Portal Alignment 

  • Retuning to the magnetism, frequency and geometry of the New Earth, Sun as well as the galactic sun. 

  • Magnetizing light with those who resonate with it, impulsing consciousness to raise their vibration, activate light codes in beings and planets for the coming race 

Crystalline DNA Template 

24 Royal Stellar Genes & New Planetary Geometric Blueprints 

Golden Sphere of Creation 

13.Anchoring Divine Source Code 

14. Photonic Imprint Of Light 

- anchor/ access realities and portals

  • We can become more perceptive to portals that open up for us, at any given moment. These portals enable us to connect to new possible realities in which everything feels subtler, brighter, lighter, happier.

  • Anchoring the subtlest realities possible within your quantum resonance bandwidth

  • Through these portals, they can enable you to activate new light codes

- correct light and frequency imposition

- repair one’s energy field

- amend DNA blueprint infiltration

- imprint light, magnetism on one’s energy field, whether individual or collective

- reverse synthetic biology and AI manipulation


15. Magnetising the Subtlest Reality 
It works on magnetising the subtlest reality for an individual, whilst releasing dissonance that creates the diversion/ suspense in magnetising that reality/ these realities

16. Generating Light in Multidimensionality 

  • Magnetizing light field 

  • Quantum magician 

  • Activate light portals – in space or across spacetime 

  • Integration/ activation of benevolent extraterrestrial walk-ins 

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