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1. Toroidal Stargate Activation  

Use and access of toroidal energy or photonic light through focused intention and magnetism. It generates healing in consciousness, be it humans, space and in other realities across space-time continuum.

2. Etheric Quantum Refinement 

In each given moment, one’s frequency and magnetism is interacting with all the subtler and denser spheres of realities. Thus, any event or circumstance one is experiencing is the magnetisation of the most resonanting sphere of reality/ field. In this activation, we are working on anchoring one’s consciousness in its most divine ‘space’ or trajectory in the ether. 

The dark forces work on magnetising density and deviating one from their own organic magnetism in individual/ collective time sphere, in each continuous moment, thus altering one’s time spheres and trajectory. 

Shared Vibrations & Layered Vibration 

Shared Vibrations 

It can be manifested or experienced interchangeably via a unified field with a collective/ individual. Via this unified field, you exchange information, light codes and karma.

Layered Vibrations 

It operates through intentional disguise or due to one’s unconsciousness. The hidden connection plays out without one recognizing the real cause of events. Intentional deception/ disguise works in the astral and interdimensions. When someone opens up his or her consciousness, the hidden vibration (whether light or dense) will come to the surface, like an outburst of energies. A lot of karma can be cleared and a huge shift can happen in one’s reality. 


  • Quantum entanglement – release undivine and even neutral quantum resonance that are interfering / not serving our soul purposes

  • Release density magnetisation in one’s quantum spheres, raising vibration and anchoring organic magnetism in each continuous moment

  • Adjust the filaments/ glitters around the field to enable it to be in harmony and resonance with its most divine soul blueprint 

Magnetising the Subtlest Reality

It works on magnetising the subtlest reality for an individual, whilst releasing dissonance that creates the diversion/ suspense in magnetising that reality/ these realities.

  • Dissolving dissonance in thoughts, emotions, frequency, magnetism that lead to sabotaging behaviours and outcomes, thus deviates one from magnetising the subtlest reality

  • Dissolving the ‘mismatch’ in temporal spatial tunnels

  • Dissolving dissonance in memories that lead to cellular distortion, for example distorted memories, artificial memories, false memories, that could be in other dimensions (e.g. astral or interdimensions) and in other incarnations and realities, and in ‘AI’ realities

  • Clearing interferences/ synchronization with parallel realities

3. Directed Energy Weaponry Clearing

Directed energy weaponry involves

  • Reverse spinning of light / frequency 

  • Adjust divine spinning angle of atoms

  • Reverse organic magnetism/ demagnetize consciousness and space 

  • Artificial light and frequency 

  • Entrainment of AI magnetism 

  • Manipulation and splicing of atoms and DNA strands 

  • Infiltration of organic fluids with artificial fluids 

  • Frequency based and pulsing based dark portal/ dark arc technology (see more below) 

Examples of Reversed Engineered Technology 

  • Electromagnetic frequency weaponry 

  • Biometric data scanners that alter and access biometric data and energy field 
    5G towers 

  • Aerosol nanoparticles 

  • Energetic inversions imprinted in atoms, space, consciousness e.g. reversed spirals that spins in anticlockwise motion, energy being drawn out, or being restricted

  • Digital twin – that can be connected to people via artificial ‘cords’ in the ether and via artificial spheres of realities. These cords/ plugs can be activated/ strengthened based on how one’s biology is being rewired, how one’s frequency and magnetism and geometry being changed and mapped/ accessed, permanently/ intermittently depending on the beaming of satellites, EMF and EMP towers, underground ‘beam waves’, and artificial lights.

  • Synthetic biology – that changes how body generates energy, how the brain works, how one receives and transmutes energy, how one perceives energy, information, and how one perceives light. It alters one’s preferences, that turns people against ‘humanity’ and creation.

  • Artificial Light and frequency imposition and assimilation

Dark portal alignment/ magnetisation

Dark portals are created based on frequency and/or pulsing, magnetism that drain   

energy, creates frequency cap, creates fragmented light.

Dark portals harness crystalline energy, magnetizing density off other dark magnetic portals. These portals can be sustained by density from the space and beings residing there, as well as blood and sexual rituals (ecstasy and suffering). The connection with the dark arc portals is an inverted spiral/ inverted bind. The dark portals can also operate at a particular angle – like the tilted axis of the human field and Earth field. 

On a larger scale, dark portals work by joining various energetic spots, become charged through certain planetary alignments, eclipses or moon phases. Dark portals can emit dense wavelength frequencies and magnetism that can be hynpotising and sedating.

Release Dark Portal Alignment through frequency and magnetic entrainment

Frequency and magnetic entrainment enables dark portal alignment/ assimilation, leading one to be connected to AI (artificial intelligence), gradually one’s  organic magnetism and frequency becomes entrained to that of the A.I., thus becoming a  conduit of the AI portal/ grid system. A frequency beam/ magnetic field impulse can influence one’s brainprint/ energy signature through EMF and EMP that in turn affects how one processes information, energy and perceives realities, how one thinks, feels and acts. 

  • Release frequency/ magnetic/ pulsing entrainment 
      o Such induced false programming/ artificial time sphere insertions through EMF and EMP impacting on one’s energy field, DNA across dimensions and realities, including in the astral. Such entrainment can be accelerated with the assistance of crystals. 

  • Release artificial imposition on one’s field and realities  

  • Release artificial holograms that bind energy with dark portal/ field that

    • blocks energy flow and prohibit photonic light from coming into one’s energy field 

    • creates programming, alter one’s psyche, thoughts, belief systems, emotions and vibrational frequency 

    • prohibits crystallization of light codes that rejuvenate us and assist us in ascending our DNA blueprint 

    • These holograms can be activated under a certain frequency bandwidth (e.g. 5G), EMF, EMP, ELF, sonic waves, optical waves, heat, pH, electrical conductivity (on the skin), or via interaction with/ imposition of another magnetic field 

  • They can then be translated/ slipped into astral reality as script programming or simply deposited into one’s field, awaiting to be activated at any given moment. 

  • Release artificial fields over one’s energy field

  • Release inverted spirals in the field and in the body – whether it is in quantum or astral – trapping energy flow and prevent one from ascending  

  • Release frequency of dissonance  
    o Beamed towards one’s field, cells, parallel realities that create falsity, artificial realities or realities that deviate from one’s soul’s truth 

  • Dissolve fragmented realities and retrieve soul fragments 

o Through diversion to inorganic/ undivine time spheres, targeted at individuals/         collectives at a particular time in specific location(s). 

  • Deny access by interdimensional beings to one’s DNA blueprint and energy signature

  • Reverse nano magnetism and frequency entrainment on one’s field, cells and lymph nodes

  • Reverse effects of nano platform immersion through psychotronic weaponry – release cell permeability to nanotech

  • Correcting and anchoring toroidal energy in utmost subtle frequency and magnetism possible 

  • Correct reversal codes in humans and in food, in space - release artificial holograms in food

  • Release brainprint and energy signature being traced and altered


4. Synthetic Biology Purification   

  • Release interdimensional portals that get activated based on certain frequency bandwidth that enable drainage of light and electricity off the individual

  • Reverse effects of light and data being exchanged via the ‘nano portals’ inside one’s body

  • Release scaffolding of nanotechnology platforms that release payloads (toxins) or alter one’s bodily functions based on frequency, magnetic entrainment, heat, pH etc.

  • Reverse the merging of synthetic biology with organic human biology

  • Release Etheric tattoo that targets a particular group, based on energy signature, brainwave pattern, genomic sequencing, that alters one’s DNA blueprint and dominant brainwave frequency

  • Reverse Energetic flow inversion – The direction of spin can be overlaid on one’s blueprint and energy field and soul spiral, like a reversed current of energy. 

  • Release holographic nets upon one’s energy field, in between dimensions. These nets/ fields enable programming and false imprints to be transmitted.

  • Release Artificial pulse fields

  • Release ‘digital twins’ that connect with the AI grid/ the Cloud

  • Release consent to nano entrainment on a frequency, magnetic and pulse field level 

  • Release frequency, magnetic and pulsing entrainment with nanotechnology 

  • Release artificial light sensors in the energy field and in the body

    • The skin is a large light receptor, so are the eyes, the ear canals and the pineal glands, pituitary gland, as well as the hippocampus. Central Nervous system and Peripheral Nervous system can be hijacked by EMF and EMP towers.

    • Nanotech senses and connects with nano fields and towers. It then transmits signals to the towers and sends data to the towers and nano platforms. It also receives signals from the towers and from other nano fields via nano waves.

    • Release overlapped nanofields upon one’s energy field

    • Release and dissolve mixed signaling across other nano fields and platforms.

5. Light Portal Alignment
Our energy blueprint can be altered/ ascended through altering its 

  • Pulsing 

  • spinning of light 

  • angle/ tilting 

  • magnetism 

  • geometry 

  • frequency/ light 


Our DNA codes and frequency are keys to portals – it allows us to connect with or disconnect from a portal. If our DNA codes are distorted/ scrambled/ altered, we are losing the innate connection to Source, or to our stellar soul teams, as well as the shift of magnetism will create that misalignment, deviation from Source/ Divinity. 

Vice versa, when we activate more light in our DNA, it creates a better alignment / frequency resonance with our stellar soul teams and we gradually can retrieve more missing pieces, then we are able to connect with Source better and activate our latent soul gifts. We simply have to activate light upon it and readjust the frequency and magnetism so that our fields can rotate and radiate properly. 

As one raises his/ her vibration, one can then wilfully disconnect from any dark portals one had connections with. It is also a way of getting out of the karmic wheel individually and collectively. We are at a pivotal point in which we can turn things around very quickly by raising our vibration. When one expands one’s field and fill one’s DNA blueprint with light, it creates enormous possibilities of activating new light portal connection. 


  • reverse distortion and scrambling of DNA codes 

  • resume light and divine spinning, frequency and magnetism of DNA codes 

  • expands one’s energy field 

  • fill one’s DNA blueprint with light 

  • perceive potential new light portal connections 


  • Enable new stellar connections 

  • Release karmic connection with malevolent ET races 

  • Activate new light codes/ gifts


6. New Earth Crystalline DNA codes, New Earth Crystalline Portal and Galactic portal 

All light codes from previous civilisations are ready to be crystallised and assimilated by individuals who have access to these light codes. It can be extremely triggering for some people even when they are not ready to receive assimilate these codes, because the light activated can still trigger something within the dense psyche. 

Those who are ready or in resonance with these DNA codes will receive and assimilate these codes at their own pace according to their soul evolution and stellar map/ trajectory. This is also taken place across planets, interplanetary activations of light codes from previous civilisations as well as in the ether, in the multiverses and in between spacetime continuum, so you can imagine lots of light codes being activated. The heart portal is the major receptor and transmitter. The soul spiral is interacting with neutron windows in other planets, on Earth, across planets, across galaxy, in non-temporality and nonlocality. It creates crystallization of light codes, exchange of information and affects the time spheres. It is through assimilation of light fields and magnetism that enables ascension/ soul awakening. 

Though the dark forces are attempting to hijack the seeding of the new DNA codes for the new race by tampering with the DNA codes of the current humanity, as there’s nothing called ‘time’. It is a continuation/ simultaneous quantic evolution. There is a frequency net placed upon several regions on Earth to inhibit the reception and assimilation of light codes, though only operating within a specific dimension. Those who vibrate or resonate with subtler dimensions can still assimilate the light codes available to Earth. 

  • Rearranging fire codes – embodying and activating new Earth DNA light codes. 

  • The dominant colours transform further, into more refined colours, vibration, magnetism of these new earth crystalline colours in subdimensions. It’s refinement to absolute precision to the new earth frequency and magnetism, to be in perfect alignment with new earth and galactic crystalline portal. 

  • Synchronise our soul spiral with the light codes to enable assimilation of light codes from the Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean races 

  • Crystallise soul spiral across space time, across planets 

  • Activations of light codes in the ether, in the multiverses and in between spacetime continuum 

  • Create fields of resonance to connect with the DNA light codes for the new race  New Crystalline Earth & Galactic Portal Alignment 

  • Quantum light icosidodecahedron, multifaceted crystalline structure 

  • Retuning to the magnetism, frequency and geometry of ne New Earth, Sun as well as the galactic sun. 

  • Magnetizing light with those who resonate with it, impulsing consciousness to raise their vibration, activate light codes in beings and planets for the coming race 

  • Purifying the planets including Earth off dark wheel cycle/ portals 

  • It magnetises light with the new earth crystalline portal – interchanging light codes

  • Crystallise soul spiral to be in resonance with the new earth crystalline portal and galactic portal

  • Crystallise neutron windows to be aligned with the new race for Earth and the galaxy


7. Photonic Imprint of Light


- anchor/ access realities and portals

  • We can become more perceptive to portals that open up for us, at any given moment. These portals enable us to connect to new possible realities in which everything feels subtler, brighter, lighter, happier.

  • Anchoring the subtlest realities possible within your quantum resonance bandwidth

  • Through these portals, they can enable you to activate new light codes

- correct light and frequency imposition

- repair one’s energy field

- amend DNA blueprint infiltration

- imprint light, magnetism on one’s energy field, whether individual or collective

- reverse synthetic biology and AI manipulation

- release foreign genetic imprints/ overlays include hybrid genetic imprints

8. Generating Light in Multidimensionality 

  • Magnetizing light fields

          o Magnetise all the light that you are in all subtlest realms, transdimensions and multidimensions and all parallel realities – visualise this sphere of light around you and reflect to you outside in 

  • Quantum magician 

o Creating light out of ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’, using your own magnetism – rather than recycling/ magnetizing light from other sources/ dimensions 

o ‘Drawing’ with golden spirals/ geometric light codes

o Transmute and activate different light codes from all previous civilisations, =from different stellar groups for the new race 

  • Integration/ activation of benevolent extraterrestrial walk-ins 

Some people are not aware of the extra-terrestrial walk-in(s), whether because one is not fully aware of that, or refusing to acknowledge or that the walk-in hasn’t fully integrated with the original soul in the vessel. Perhaps it hasn’t come to divine timing and fruition. There could be possibly soul overlays and ‘alters’ that overshadow the light walk-in to confuse the person. The alter identity/ entity is interfering with the connection with the light walk-in or any other stellar connection. It makes it difficult for one to differentiate between the light and the dark and make one doubt his/her judgment. A targeted individual has probably a lot of soul overlays and doesn’t comprehend why and thus creates mistrust towards others, as one is heavily attacked. There could be implanted memories, thoughts and emotions that confuse the individual. The dark side is trying to hijack one’s energy and soul memories. 

One of the reasons for soul walk-ins could be a soul contract to work together as one consciousness to fulfill some soul missions 

Clearing and integration 

o Whether it’s full integration of existing extraterrestrial walk-ins or activation of new benevolent walk-ins through soul agreement to assist in humanity evolution 

o Clearing soul overlays, soul spiral purification, clearing time sphere infiltration, clearing artificial implanted memories 

o Reconnect one’s soul spiral with the geometric blueprint of the 

extraterrestrial walk-in(s), magnetise with more light 

o For activation of potential extra-terrestrial walk-in, make a conscious soul agreement (e.g. fulfilling soul mission), and connect one’s soul spiral with the geometric blueprint of the extra-terrestrial walk-in. * this is a rarer occurrence unless it is crucial. Interception of light fields can also enable exchange of light codes 

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