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1.    Toroidal Stargate Activation 
Use and access of toroidal energy through focused intention and magnetism, together with the use of golden spiral. 
2.    Etheric Quantum Refinement 
•    ‘grounding’ and rooting the soul consciousness in the right ‘space’ in quantum dimension 
•    Adjust the frequency, magnetism and ‘location’ of the consciousness in the quantum in its most divine ‘space’ in the ether/ quantum 
•    Adjust the filaments/ glitters around the field to enable it to be in harmony and resonance with its most divine soul blueprint 
•    Quantum entanglement – unwiring the undivine knots/ crossing of energies, release undivine and even neutral quantum resonance that are interfering / not serving our soul resonance 
•    Release artificial holograms that bind energy with other consciousness or dark portal/ field or a collective consciousness 
•    Aligning with the divine golden timeline 
3.    Monadic Portal Alignment & Activation 
•    access one’s soul kingdoms and unifying the various soul kingdoms and magnetizing light between the soul kingdoms. 
•    access planetary soul kingdom and soul kingdoms of other consciousness
•    Release invalid, undivine, interfering events, timelines that are not in coherence & resonance with monad resonance or that are interfering with one’s soul path and soul’s truth 
4.    Correcting Reversed Engineered Toroidal Energy 
•    Correcting and anchoring toroidal energy in utmost subtle frequency and magnetism possible 
•    Correct reversal codings in humans and in food, in space 
5.    Light Arc Portal Alignment 
•    Enable connection with other/ new stellar alliances
•    Release connection with/ prevent being traced by some malevolent ET races
•    Activate new light codes/ gifts 
6.    Quantum Leap through Non-temporality 
•    Release from being in stasis/ spacetime continuum 
•    Opening up/ resuming connection to nontemporality 
•    Transporting consciousness to nontemporality to heal, ascend, crystallise cells, atoms, DNA, neural network, energy signature, energy field, organs, DNA blueprint, or any consciousness 
•    Anchoring triple golden spiral in the heart portal in nontemporality 
•    Shifting quanta each moment you experience the nontemporality and nothingness 
7.    DNA Rejuvenation Vacuum  
•    Release artificial/ inorganic geometries in humans and in space 
•    Disconnect from one’s organic geometry with dark portals 
•    Dissolve density magnetization (with space/ portals) & dense ether 
•    Repel artificial fluids that form a dark web structure in humans and in space 
•    Dispel dark portals within dark portals 
•    Release splitting of atoms & healing atoms 
•    Release hybrid genes in DNA blueprint in nontemporality 
•    Release access to one’s soul blueprint in the ether by dark forces 
•    Release the ‘cage’ that traps the soul blueprint 
•    Preserve one’s soul blueprint magnetism and frequency – have a light shield around it to crystallise the soul blueprint 
•    Release the parasitic entities from altering and tapping into the blueprint 
•    Release from being beamed on ultrasonic, hypersonic, photoacoustic, electromagnetic, radio frequency, pulsed laser, pulsed radio frequency, microwave level 

8.    Light Sensor Activation 
•    Activate light sensors in the energy field and DNA fields 
•    Adjust light sensors to be in resonance with organic photonic light 
•    Connection with your light sensors as consciousness 
•    Transmutation and activation of light codes 
•    Communication with transmitters of light codes 
•    Connect with shared unified field 
9.    Light Rod Activation - Release Phase Locks on portals 
•    Dissolve threads that sustain the phase locks 
•    Reverse disguise of missing time – stops time or the perception of passage of time
•    Reverse suspension of portals
•    Release distortion of continuity of space-time 
•    Enable divine spinning and rotation of portals 
•    Enable Reception and transmission of light codes  
10.    Soul Spiral Purification & Crystallisation 
Soul Spiral purification 
•    Release (if any) reversal of spinning of soul spiral 
•    Release one from connection to phantom matrices/ halls of mirrors 
•    Dissolve artificial spirals that connect to phantom timelines and inverted spirals 
•    Dissolve the dark train of events that perpetuate the phantom timelines esp. in astral and inter-dimensions 
•    Release distorted fields or geometries trapping/ layering/ plugging into the soul spiral 
•    Release imprinted dark sigils and artificial fields on soul spiral 
•    Crystallise the paths/ timelines one’s soul spiral is leading to 
Soul Spiral Crystallisation 
•    crystallise all experiences, incarnations on planet Earth, off planet,
•    crystallise all neutron windows including imprinted/ artificial memories, distorted memories, parallel realities and potential and altered/distorted timelines
•    crystallise all dark arc and light arc portal alignments 
•    crystallise all potential ‘point in time;’ when soul spiral has the potential to evolve or not  
•    extend, expand neutron window connecting to the new Earth/ race to enable assimilation of light codes
•    expand its light and grace period
•    align more with one’s soul origins and stellar alliances 
•    open up new neutron windows
•    magnetise light in others’ DNA Blueprint 
•    release infiltration/ access by dark forces upon soul spiral 
11.    Crystallise Neutron Windows with Stellar Groups  
•    crystallise neutron windows with specific stellar groups to re-route the neutron windows and ascend stellar map/ trajectory 
•    crystallise the shared unified field 
•    assist teleportation to their soul origin 
•    activate light portals across dimensions and realities 
•    release collective artificial timeline magnetization with AI 
•    crystallise collective neutron windows to be aligned with the new golden race 
12.     New Earth Crystalline DNA codes, New Earth Crystalline Portal and Galactic portal 
•    Rearranging fire codes – embodying and activating new Earth DNA light codes. 
•    The dominant colours transform further, into more refined colours, vibration, magnetism of these new earth crystalline colours in subdimensions. It’s refinement to absolute precision to the new earth frequency and magnetism, to be in perfect alignment with new earth and galactic crystalline portal. 
•    Purify and crystallise the human soul fluids around field and that of galactic body. 
•    Embrace each element in the new earth and galactic realm, like all elements expanded in consciousness and radiance. 
•    Synchronise our soul spiral with the light codes from previous civilization(s) 
•    Enable assimilate of light codes from previous civilisations – Polar, Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis  
•    Crystallization of soul spiral across space time, across planets
•    Activations of light codes in the ether, in the multiverses and in between spacetime continuum
New Crystalline Earth & Galactic Portal Alignment 
•    Quantum light icosidodecahedron, multifaceted crystalline structure 
•    Magnetizing light with those who resonate with it, impulsing consciousness to raise their vibration, activate light codes in beings and planets for the coming race
•    Purifying the planets including Earth off dark wheel cycle/ portals 
•    It magnetises light with the new earth crystalline portal – interchanging light codes 
•    Crystallise soul spiral to be in resonance with the new earth crystalline portal and galactic portal 
•    Crystallise neutron windows to be aligned with the new race for Earth and the galaxy 
•    Crystalline DNA Template 
•    24 Royal Stellar Genes & New Planetary Geometric Blueprints
•    Golden Sphere of Creation 
13.    Anchoring Divine Source Code 
•    Enables each individual to activate their maximum potential, like a seed planted sprouts and magnetises more light and expands into a geometric flower. 
•    Enable ones to flourish in their own way and pace and connect with one’s soul origins and activate one’s soul gifts. 
14.    Generating Light in Multidimensionality 
•    Magnetizing light field 
•    Quantum magician 
•    Anchor subtlest sphere of reality 
•    Light code generator 
•    Generate teleportation portal – star tetrahedron shape with soul spiral in the middle 
•    Integration/ activation of benevolent extraterrestrial walk-ins 

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