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Healing Sessions

Through Toroidal Stargate Activation, with focused intention and magnetism, we direct toroidal energy with sound frequencies and stellar language. It aims to elevate our holographic frequencies and magnetise our magnetic field. It works on holographic frequencies on quantum dimensions. It assists us to journey interdimensionally, establish stellar connection between our DNA portals & stellar light portals and ascend our timelines. 

Key areas include:

·         Energetic purification

·         Toroidal field, energy flow balancing

·         Replenish and activate crystalline codes

·         Reconnect oneself deeper with one’s soul blueprint

·         Activate dormant DNA and stellar DNA – soul memories, soul gifts, soul missions

·         Energetic disconnection from dark Extra-terrestrial and AI forces

·         Reclaim lost energy and soul fragments  

·         Release undivine soul contracts, implants, dark ET walk-ins, programming and artificial timelines 

·         Release entities, undivine walk-ins

·         Space clearing and healing – deactivate dark portals and activate light portals

·         Anchor Ascended timelines & realities 

·         Connect with parallel souls & multidimensional souls 

·         Reconnect with our stellar origins and receive crystalline light codes with stellar beings 

·         Assisting targeted individuals & people who have experienced alien contact/ abduction/ hybridisation/ super soldier programmes

·         Starseeds awakening

·         Clearing nano technology, disconnecting from nano portals and terminating AI contracts


Types of Energetic Scanning

Portal/ Energy Field scan

Heart, pineal and solar plexus portal mainly

Connect with one’s soul spiral and check for purification and crystallisation

Holographic scan

  • Check if there are any artificial holographic inserts, programming, cell painting, photon painting, imprinted geometries, imprinted entities, artificial light, etc

  • Could possibly detect AI infiltration, timeline infiltration

  • Clear any imprinted ‘clock’ on wrists – like imprinted death pentality, halting one’s life

Soul Blueprint scan

  • Check if there are any cuts/ splits in DNA strands or added artificial proteins, DNA strands or genes

  • Check if there is genetic reversals (reversed genes being written)

  • Check if there are disjoint lines, fragmented light or scrambled light codes affected by artificial EMF and EMP

  • Release soul blueprint from being mapped/ tapped by artificial intelligence/ consciousness

  • Check if there’s digital twin, soul taps, soul overlays (in which a layer of alter-soul imprinted on one’s soul blueprint caused by traumas, digital twin or soul swaps)

  • Make soul blueprint more intact, symmetrical, subtler and vibrant

  • See if there’s possibility for blueprint ascension (e.g. diamond sun blueprint, or activation of dormant light codes from previous civilisations for the new race)

Nontemporality & Nonlocality scan

  • Perceive if there’s potential hijack of one’s timelines/ time spheres and dark portal connections

  • Perceive if there’s presence of phantom spheres of realities

  • Perceive all potential spheres of realities and anchor the subtlest one

A session lasts normally about 1hour -1.5 hours. I also offer remote sessions if 1-1 face to face sessions are not accessible.

Price £120/session, instalments available.

Email me if you have any questions. 

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