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Toroidal Stargate Activation


Toroidal Stargate Activation is a healing modality in which we direct toroidal energy through focused intention and magnetism, as we are a portal ourselves. It works on non-temporality, nonlocality, across spacetime, dimensions and realities. It aims to create resonance and magnetic shifts in one’s energy field and crystallise our soul blueprint.

This healing system mainly focuses on 3 aspects: 

1. Energetic clearing/ protection 

  • Energy field 

  • Energy channels

  • Portal

  • DNA blueprint 

2. Energetic empowerment 

  • Resume divine DNA blueprint 

  • Resume one’s magnetism 

  • Retrieve soul memories, soul gifts 

  • Reconnect with one’s soul origin

  • Reanchor stellar light codes 

3. Quantum Light Magician 

  • Activating light portals 

  • Activate subtlest spheres of realities 

  • Ascend DNA blueprint

  • Activate new stellar alliances and light codes


Our frequency is our resonance, which is our vibration. Frequency is electricity, it can be represented and perceived as colours, light, vibrations.


The pulsing of our energy field is our magnetism. It is our toroidal field that looks like the shape of a torus or a donut. It is also a portal. Every consciousness has its own magnetic field. We are a portal. Within our human vessel, there are many portals. Even our DNA is a portal.


Our light codes and our DNA blueprint are geometric. Crystalline light codes provide information, and we are constantly exchange light codes with one another.

Light codes can be circulated and shared with other consciousness that vibrate within the same frequency bandwidth. Through a conscious connection between light fields or portals, it creates a shift in holographic realities through light field assimilation and frequency synchronisation. Source Resonance Field is another key element in this healing.  Frequency resonance assimilation creates crystalline quantum ripple effect, amplifying and magnetising more light during the process.

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