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Crystal Singing Bowls

Some uses of Crystal Singing Bowls:
•    Healing 
•    Chakra aligning and total cleansing 
•    Transmitting energies 
•    Making Structured Water 
•    Working on energy in rooms 
•    Meditation · Colour healing 
•    Clearing crystals 
•    Energising the Physical and Energetic Bodies 
•    Working with elixirs and tinctures 

How to Play Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Place the bowl symmetrically on its rubber ring. This helps to keep the bowl steady without dampening the vibration. Run the ball stick around the outer rim gently, evenly and with a firm pressure. Be gentle with the bowl. Reduce the speed when the bowl gets really loud. 

Be extra careful with the bowls as they are very fragile! 

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