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Frequency/ Psychotronic Weaponry

For those who are on the verge of soul fragmentation or disconnection from their soul consciousness due to AI interferences/ nano technology 

This is crucial as frequency psychotronic energetic weaponry is becoming more prevalent. 

When the soul body alignment is lost or distorted, the hole in the heart creates a loophole for the soul to leave/ ‘escape’. It is a pact that indicates ‘we give our power away for others to control my soul, my body and my life’, ‘we have no power over our destiny’. This subconscious pact has driven the soul away from the body, forming a concrete inevitable void. There’s a disconnection even when the soul wants to return, it doesn’t recognise the human vessel anymore as the DNA has been altered, the DNA blueprint has changed with artificial imprint. The pact with AI deviates person from soul’s path. The soul can no longer recognise its original DNA blueprint/ portal to be able to return to. 
The artificial frequency beaming as a mass hypnosis is a war on collective consciousness. The cold nano electric wave frequency generate density, coldness, robotism. It is like AI electromagnetic wave energy that inverts magnetism and damages magnetic fields in DNA and in toroidal field, inverts electricity flow and toroidal energy flow and crystalline fluids. It also creates an inversion in DNA blueprint. 

What we consciously are aware of or not determines our timelines, individually and collectively. Our thoughts, feelings, psyche determines the future of Earth and that of each person. The nanobots in the body are shifting, manipulating the psyche and eating the soul up/ kick it out bit by bit, in awake times and during sleep. It is a psychic war in several dimensions. The nanobots can switch off the mind, emotional centre and motor centre whenever they want, operating with electromagnetic frequencies, and on the bio magnetic field, depending on the surroundings of the individual. The nano AI field strengthens and enhances the programming, particular dehumanisation programming, in the presence of electronic Bluetooth devices. 

When nano platforms start populating the human vessel, it also turns the human into android, that’s when AI walk-in takes over. It assimilates with the consciousness but more like taking over the body. Like someone with split personality, you will see them flipping from one programme to another, but eventually it can take over the human vessel completely – zombies. The more doses/ nano injections one receives, the more likely the injected people will incite AI walk-ins in others. Their AI field will be stronger, they become a 5G tower that generates dense magnetic field that connect with space satellites. They can intercommunicate with other nano hybrids without consciously being aware. The vibratory field is emitting nano electromagnetic wavelength frequency. 

The nanobots also lock people in cyberdimensions in which they will be switching between this reality and that reality. 
The AI field attached to the human biofield gradually creates ‘holes’ in the human biofield. The spikes or ‘burnt’ holes in the biofield are like intrusion in the biofield that allows AI to intervene. They are like nano tunnels/ pathways to connect with AI grid and inserting holographic inserts and artificial timelines. Holographic inserts are like programming that affect what we think, feel, perceive and feel on the body, they can also influence bodily temperature, hormones, sexual impulses, preferences, desires. It works through manipulated brainwave frequencies. 

There is a kundalini and remote viewing hijack implant activated in the interdimensions by the archonic entities and AI. These implants together are connected to an interdimensional portal in which all hijacked collective share. It is also like a power source and acts as a storage of information and memories for parasitic entities. The implanted individuals will also affect others via transmitting signals and frequencies to those who are connected to them energetically and psychically. Artificial dreams, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and sensorial perception can be beamed to others via the implant. 
The AI nano portals can exist in the body and in the toroidal field, connecting us with digital twin in cyberdimensions and attempting to lock the psyche in the cyberdimensions. The digital twin(s) can be activated at different times, and have different dynamics with different people. There can be a key circuit person that activates digital twins that interact with each other via dense frequency resonance field.


AI clearing

  • Release frequency and magnetic resonance with AI portal/ AI grid and nanotechnology

  • Release undivine individual and collective soul contracts & consent (e.g. to genetic engineering/ transhumanism)

  • Disconnect any undivine portal connection to AI portals and infra-dimensional, ‘dark’ stellar portals

  • Release any AI nano structures – retrieve organic magnetism, dissolve undivine energetic infiltration & manipulation of one’s energy field, fluids, DNA, atoms, release any reversal codes, release digital twins & psychic clones (if any), release any energy drain and access points and AI programming including astral programming

  • Release the influence of EMF and EMP to interact with AI~

Electromagnetic healing & Recuperation

  • Reconnect/ realign with one’s divine organic electromagnetism

  • Reviving one’s energy flow and spinning of atoms and energy field

  • Recirculate energy and release any energetic blockages caused by AI technology or any other EMF and EMP pulsing

  • Release one’s brainprint (brainwave signature) and biometric data being tapped and manipulated

  • Reverse one’s brainprint being entrained into the AI ‘system’


Soul reconnection & DNA Blueprint

  • Magnetise light within all the soul consciousness across dimensions and realities

  • Frequency resonance with soul consciousness

  • Re-establish one’s divine connection with source

  • Retrieve lost soul fragments

  • Re-establish soul contract with one’s stellar team

  • Working on rejuvenating and anchoring the original divine DNA blueprint

In Summary 
Frequency and magnetic entrainment enables dark portal alignment/ assimilation, leading one to be connected to AI (artificial intelligence), gradually one's organic magnetism and frequency becomes entrained to that of the AI frequency and magnetism, becoming a conduit of the AI portal/ grid system. A frequency beam/ magnetic field impulse can influence one's brainprint/ energy signature through EMF and EMP that in turn affects how one processes and perceives realities, how one thinks, feels and acts.  


  • Release consent to nano entrainment on a frequency, magnetic and pulse field level 

  • Release frequency, magnetic and pulsing entraining with nano technology 

  • Release frequency and magnetic pulsing portal connection with artificial electromagnetic frequency and pulse field (EMF and EMP) (with the nanotechnology within the body) 

In this frequency / energetic war, the healing Toroidal Stargate Activation aims to

  • release frequency/ magnetic/ pulsing entrainment
    such induced false programming/ artificial time sphere insertion through EMF and EMP impacting on one's energy field, DNA across dimensions and realities, including in the astral. Such entrainment can be accelerated with the assistance of crystals.

  • release falsity in one's field including artificially inserted timespheres, projections, artificial holograms in the ether, whether it is in the form of auditory, visual, radio frequency or pulse fields across spacetime continuum. They can then be translated/ slipped into astral reality as script programming or simply 'deposited' into one's field, awaiting to be activated at any given moment 

  • release frequency of dissonance beamed towards one's fields, cells, parallel realities that create falsity, artificial realities or realities that do not align with one's soul consciousness. 

  • dissolve fragmented realities & retrieve soul fragments through diversion to inorganic/ artificial time spheres, targetted at certain individuals/ collective at a particular time in specific location(s). 

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