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'Sound is a very powerful method of healing, clearing and harmonising the energy fields. Sandy holds a beautiful and powerful healing space.' Steve Ahnael Nobel. Author, coach, founder of Soul Matrix Healing. Ex Director of Alternatives (based in St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London)


'I had the most amazing experience today with Soul Auganic sound healing. It was a wonderful experience during my body scan I felt a force pull me forward it was an experience this was obviously where my need for healing was to be. For me this was a new way of healing mind body and soul the sound of the Crystal bowls and equipment used in my therapy very new to me. I enjoyed my healing time with my consultant therapist San. I felt totally relaxed and during my therapy I felt my mind and body was being cleanse of the negative energies and my healing had begun. I look forward to my next session. I have recommended the therapy to my friends and I believe that some have been in contact. Wonderful experience' Heather H. 

'I had an amazing session with Soul Aurganic Sound Healing. Sandy is very professional and has a beautiful voice, which she uses as part of the healing. Such wonderful, healing and sacred sounds of the singing bowls. I also had the privilege of trying some Erik essence, which were carefully and intuitively selected by Sandy. I have to say I have been feeling totally relaxed, energised and positive since our session. I would highly recommend Soul Aurganic Sound Healing!' Aneela C.

'I attended one of San's workshops and she really is an incredibly talented sound healer. As a new mum I found it soooo relaxing and energising just what I needed! I could listen to the sound of the Tibetan crystal bowls all day! Looking forward to organising a private group with you soon San, thank you for a wedding beer duo evening of healing!' Yasmin M. 

'Yesterday I was granted a gift of a sound healing session with San, an awesome sound healing practitioner. She used her voice to detect blockages in my energy field and body and then used a combination of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, aboriginal rain stick and other drums to clear the blockages and transport me to a blissful and relaxed state. Thank you, thank you, thank you.' Billie S. 

'It was my first time experiencing Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and Nepalese drum. I didn't know what the outcome would be. I wanted to experience sound healing and to really know if it worked! And YES it does. I felt the strongest energy in my head, my heart, my solar plexus and sacral areas. It was very powerful. I will certainly go again. San is incredibly talented and I trust her completely. I would recommend my friends and family to experience her healing sessions.' Fah S. 

'I knew the sound of San before I knew her . One day The artist Veronica Cantero painted her drum. At the moment, it was an ordinary drum. The hands's Veronica transformed the drum into an vibrational energy calling me. I was a session with San the mix sound between drums and bowls released my memories.I felt the vibration in my heart and my other chackras. It was an amazing experience. I suggest you try one and you connect with yourself.' Elena M. 

'I stood there as San used her voice to direct a beautiful sound around and through me, it felt very relaxing but also triggered different feelings in parts of my body. San then made sure I was comfortable laying down, I closed my eyes and listened to all the wonderful sounds from her various instruments. The sounds made it easy for me to drift into a deep state of relaxation, my mind enjoyed this state of bliss as did my body. As we came to the end of our journey I felt very good, calm mind, relaxed body. San was very professional and sweet throughout my session and would happily recommend anyone looking for a space to open into, to at least try a session, it's beautiful and nurturing. Thank you San, much loving vibes, Gary Winer, Freedo Guide.

'It was such an amazing experience! I especially loved the sound of the Crystal bowls and the drum at the end :) I am recommending the therapy to my friends and we will be seeing you again soon ! Thank you !' Burcu O.

'Sandy is very gifted at what she does, extremely kind, calm and patient. I have been ill quite seriously for 6 months and been tossed around from GP to GP who offered anti-depressants and painkillers, both of which I was sure would not be helpful. The sound healing felt non invasive toward my body yet extremely powerful, allowing me the feeling of accessing my higher dimensions and I very strongly felt the connection and presence of my mum during the session. I felt that I could let go in a way that sometimes takes a bit longer during talking therapy...Sandy also made me a wicked mixture of essential oils and other goodies personalised toward my own 'issues'. Thank you! I will be back soon.' Jenny K. 

'This morning I was with San and her lovely sound of her drums, it was amazing, the sound made me feel in a really beautiful and wonderful meditation direct to the sound of my heart. Thank you very much. San is so lovely and her work with the drum could be for more than relax... peace... so love' Veronica A.


I feel like no words can describe the beautiful, peaceful and magical experience I had yesterday during Sandy's sound healing. It was absolutely heavenly! It is rare for me to achieve complete silence and stillness in my mind and to just BE in the here and now, but the sound healing helped me get there. I wish everyone could experience it! Thank you so much, Sandy!!' Anna S. 

'Sans sound bath connected with Ixcacao and held me in a deep and healing space, the various sounds gave me a sense of levitation grounding and presence' Andy C. 

'I received a beautiful sound healing from San Lau. How she scans the body using her voice was something I'd never experienced before.
I could feel how different parts of my body responded to the sound. The parts, that she sensed needed some work, were spot on.
Actually having the bowls placed on me seemed to make the meditation more deep. I have no idea where I went during but wherever it was I felt so peaceful. What was even better was that when I stood back up the stiffness I'd been having in my knees was completely gone. Thank you San Lau' Jade A. 

'I had a sound healing yesterday with San! I was very stressed and tired, my neck was very stiff! The healing was amazing, the sound of the bowls, her sounds, San is a very good healer and also a really nice person! I loved have met you!!! And looking forward for my second session!!!' Pluma M.


'It was my first time to experience sound healing and I must say it was relaxing. Sandy did a great job and I was amazed that she was able to tell me areas in my body that she senses that I have problems with. The music bowl was so relaxing that i was able to tap into my subconcious mind and saw clips of events that I have long forgotten.
I recommend that you try it for yourself' Mark G. 

'Very powerful experience with San! It was amazing, I could feel the sounds of the Tibetan bowls resonating throughout my whole body. The healing vibrations were most intense in my heart chakra and foot chakra areas where I needed the most healing.
Initially I wanted to connect with my spirit guides and while the bowls were being played, I received a name which I believe is that of my spirit guide. Furthermore, I wanted to gain some clarity on my current circumstances, and the connected state that I was able to reach with the help of San allowed me to receive guidance and understanding.
San was able to locate an energy blockage and clear it for me which left me rejuvenated and feeling re-balanced.
I found that the bowls she used and the equipment really connected to my energy body and heightened my awareness. I still feel balanced and connected a few days on and am eternally grateful!
Will definitely be attending another session.
Thank you so much' Anjali V.

''I received a sound healing session and a sound bath from San recently. I have been amazed by the deep state of relaxation I got into thanks to the drumming. My body got into a very perceptive state and each time a particular sound addressed the chakras, I could feel movement and release happening in some of them, and in other parts of my physical/ energetic body as well. San is an attentive and dedicated qualified practitioner who supports your experience making sure that the healing space is safe and that you are comfortable during the process. She is happy to communicate with you about the nature of her practice and to listen about your experience afterwards, being open to understand together with you the healing that occurred, always with much respect and kindness. I highly recommend her service to anyone interested in this gentle but powerful healing art.' Arianna C.

'It was a great experience. i could feel the vibration and energy reverberating from the sound bowls through me and my energy. Not to mention the session was carried out masterfully as blockages i didn't know i had were detected within my energy field. I have never felt so relaxed! 5 stars :)' Tariek M.

'Tried Sound Healing for the first time and was a little sceptical...San was very relaxed and made the experience very pleasurable. I would definitely recommend this, and I'm looking forward to the next session!' Patrick B.


'San is knowledgeable about sound healing. She always thrives to improve herself and keeps learning. During the treatment, I felt as if the sound went through me from one ear to another and I felt a strong sensation on my heart. San could detect that I have a problem with my abdomen and in fact I have a food allergy. Just want to say thank you! :)' Agi L.

'San really knows what she is doing. She gave me a lovely sound session. I felt more relaxed, fresh and light. I was drifted to another space during the session. I could see visions. It helped me with my lower leg pain using the Tibetan singing bowls and the tuning forks.Thank you!' Simon C. 

'I had never had a personal sound healing before. San Lau really has a special intuition for sound healing. I was really amazed how she managed to tune into weak areas of my body and her singing voice is really powerful as she heals through voice, as well as singing bowls which she placed on various parts of my body like the heart and legs. It's a deeply relaxing experience, and I felt like I drifted deeply to places of my soul/mind very deeply. Would definitely recommend trying a sound healing with San if you need to relax! Susannah W. 

'I've been to the sound healing treatment twice:

During the body scanning, I could feel that my right arm was being pushed by a force.

While the drum and the singing bowls were being played around the body, I saw a boat from far away, the next moment I was standing at the end of the boat, could see myself at the top of the fountain. Then I went to the path in the woods, suddenly there was a few sharp sounds and there was a force I was pulled upwards but I didn’t float in the air. I was then at the helicopter overlooking the woods and the river and the fountain.

During the tuning fork session, I can feel the forks but they were too soft. And when the singing bowls were played on my body, the vision disappeared as I can feel the ‘massage’ as if someone was trying to make me sleep.

And the second time during the sound treatment, I saw lots of bees outside a small wooden house. I was sitting looking at a computer.

During the singing bowl session, when the one being played on the chest area, it felt as though something was pushed out of my head from inside out. I can sense that it was something dirty, it was black in colour. Though i wanted to keep it so I was struggling not to let it out. When the one on the stomach being played, I can feel the vibration. I've felt that one of the singing bowls made my candy come out of my mouth and I tried to put it back into her mouth. (I was suffering from sore throat so I'm eating a candy atm) I can feel that I was dreaming and dosing on and off. I can ‘see herself drinking water’. I was woken up by the tuning fork when it was placed on my throat. I can feel the vibration on both the forehead and the throat. I've lost consciousness when the unweighted tuning forks were played. When the spinning gong was played, I've felt as if it was telling me to continue sleeping. Overall, I found the session very relaxing.' Kay T. 

'I had a lovely sound healing session with Sandy. I experienced a state of deep relaxation as the sound of the bowls penetrated deep into my body. I could feel my body releasing stored tension as my body shook spontaneously. The more tension I released the more I could feel the life force energy circulating around my body which was beautiful as it felt as if all my cells are dancing happily. I could feel the uplifting effects of the session for a long time afterwards.' Debra G.


'I think San Lau Sound Healing is very relaxing & therapeutic. As I have tried her sound healing it feels extremely soothing. Must try.' Rabiya R. 

'I enjoyed the sound therapy, even from the body scan I felt it tightened in my chest. I got an even better feeling when it was 1-1. I felt the vibrations all over my body, and went into my thoughts. I had the picture of my dead mother smiling upon me. It was a lovely experience. Don't knock it till you try it. Thank you for a lovely experience.' Eddie B.

'I had the pleasure of getting the treatment from Sandy. Can honestly say I felt better and it took me back to my past. Have travelled far back I know what I must do now. Would recommend this treatment for soul healing' Julia O.

'Well, I wasn't so sure at first, but curious nonetheless. However, after actually trying it, I felt pretty good. My body relaxed and I felt renewed. On a side note, it is coming from someone who suffers from insomnia and is usually quite stressed.' Nicolas H.

'San's sound healing session is very relaxing and really worth a try if you haven't yet. She's got the most calming voice which made my whole healing session very pleasant and enjoyable. Once the session started, her voice was sort of like the light in the dark leading you to recharge and boost your energy and different chakras. She'd gradually tell you what you have to do and whats her next step so you'd feel safe and sound. This healing session also gave me loads of visions apart from just "healing". I saw different interesting things and they all had different inspiring messages to send me. I highly recommend San's healing programme and will definitely go back if I get a chance to!' Duffy S.

'I had a lovely session with San. During the body scan, I felt as if something was pulling me towards her. During the sound treatment, I was coughing quite heavily when the drum was played. When the singing bowls were played, the coughing stopped and I saw the outside of the veranda, with the sofa. It had a soft light that allowed me to see the armchair, the sofa. But once I looked deeper, it disappeared.
When the bowls were played on my body, I could feel clearing on the solar plexus and on the heart chakra. I felt the throat being cleared when the weighted tuning fork was placed on the throat. I felt elevated, as if I had an 'out-of-body' experience! I felt I had taken off and couldn't feel the sofa at one point! The unweighted tuning forks brought me mental clarity and I literally said 'wow' when one of them was played. I felt as if my worries, confusion and judgment were all gone. Thank you San! :)' Tess Z.

'I really enjoyed the sound treatment with San. I felt the vibration going around the body when she was scanning my body with her voice. I liked the drumming, it was gentle and subtle and I almost had an 'outofbody' experience! The drum gave me a feeling of 'native American'. The bowls and tuning forks were good and I really liked it when the bowls were played on the body.' Roger S.

'A wonderful experience meeting San 
I had a blissful afternoon of sound and song.
All the beautiful bowls and a wonderful energy I felt renewed and blessed. San was spot on explaining where my blockages are and worked hard to help me clear my issues.
After San made me a wonderful oil spray for me which smells amazing and has the most fantastic healing properties. I am looking forward to my next session with San 
Thank you

I am adding on a more recent review. Above was the first time I had a sound healing session with San. I have now attend a number of San's sessions and classes. Every single session is a wonderful experience. Her intuitive way that she sings and plays her healing sounds is enchanting. Her genuine, gentle and kind approach is so charming and relaxing. I always have a different experience each time. Sometimes it has been just pure relaxation. Very often I feel popping and movement inside my body I know blockages are being cleared. My last session was her root chakra session. San worked a long side two other healers. It was truly a fantastic experience to have them all working together to have amazing sound and reiki session. For me the music they all played together took me on amazing journey. I saw lots of colours shapes and figures during the session. It felt very profound. At times San plays the bowls on your body. This time I could feel lots of intense sensations in my stomach during this. I received reiki from the healing Gary during this session which complemented sans beautiful powerful healing so well. The whole experience was fantastic and felt truly loved and blessed.
I would recommend to everyone to have sound healing with San !' Emma L.

'San has a wonderful embracing sweet energy that made me feel welcome straight away. 
She is very intuitive and I thoroughly enjoyed the sound bath and healing session with her. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you feel drawn to this healing modality. The range of frequencies and sounds she works with, including her beautiful voice is Divine!' Marisa A.

'spiritual sensation, floating, relaxed, out of body experience, sound vibration' Mark M.

''I had an amazing experience of Sound Healing with Sandy. She used her voice, the instruments and her whole body to create a very deep experience. She is very comited and give everything of herself in the session. The sound combination was very powerful, and finished with my whole body relax and vibrating.
I recommend this to anyone who feel out of balance, it is a very easy and relaxing moment. Sounds goes through you in a very deep way without any effort. Thats the most incredible of all! Thank you so much!!! :)' Barbara R.


'個案一開始San的吟唱,感覺很有力量,身體也有些反應熱熱的,躺下後頌缽的能量很舒服在身體震盪,接著不同的鼓聲與水晶缽以及其他聲音把我帶入一個內在的旅程,重新讓我的靈魂感到休息校準,有種重新充電的感覺,當晚我睡得很好,並且做了一個很清楚的夢,謝謝San真誠而溫柔的能量~' Sarjana S. 


經過兩次reiki治療,我感覺改善了很多問題。謝謝Sandy。❤' Erica T. 

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