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Inspiration - Cygnus Constellation 

Cygnus Constellation – The Celestial Bird/ the Swan

Cygnus constellation is one of the oldest constellation known to the world. It locates in the middle of the milky way, which is also called the Great Rift, which divides the Milky Way into two. It is the exit or the entrance of the cosmos (Collins, 2011).

A large number of ancient sites was found to be in alignment with Cygnus, for example, the Göbekli Tepe in southeast Turkey, the bird effigy mounds of North America, the Olmec centres of Mexico, the Incan sacred city of Cuzco, the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, the Hindu temples of India, Avebury and the Irish and British megalithic stone complexes of Newgrange. At the Newgrange Passage, the triple spiral symbol, known as trikele, was found in the entrance stone and a stone inside the passage.  













Both the Native Americans and the Mayans have close connection to the Cygnus constellation. In the Myan tradition, it is associated with a celestial bird at the top of a cosmic tray. The sun is reborn periodically as a ‘sun egg’, born off a cosmic bird. In the Mayan calendar, the sun will be seen upon the horizon as it rises up and align perfectly with the centre of the galaxy. When the new cycle begins, the cosmic bird gives birth to the ‘sun egg’, which marks the beginning of the new civilisation.



Researcher Andrew Collins suggested that the only form of cosmic ray that penetrates these thousand-feet deep caves is Cygnus X-3, a binaural star system in the Cygnus, and its unique star particles named ‘cygnets’, the ‘children of the swan’ (Ancient Aliens: the Cygnus Mystery:






Cygnus X-3 is a binary system composed of a dying Wolf Rayet star that feeds a close proximity neutron star, producing streams of superheated plasma. This ionised gas is shot out at lightspeed, along its line of axis, causing jets of debris that reach out into the local stellar medium for tens of light years of distance. The appearance of Cygnus has a magical effect, and its presence creates evolution of human consciousness. According to Andrew Collins, cygnus rays were one of the factors leading to genetic evolution.


To sum up, the Cygnus constellation is a well-known constellation in which the ancients have built sites and megalithic stone circles that aligned with this constellation. The celestial bird represents death and rebirth, the phoenix that rises from the ashes. It also represents the renovation and evolution of the soul consciousness. The swan energy also represents divine love and the feminine energy. The Cygnus constellation also has a strong link to the Mayans in which this healing system also has a strong connection to. The fact that our DNA is being renovated due to the presence of these cosmic X-rays are very encouraging. We are constantly being helped and we should also take charge of our lifes by raising our frequencies! 

About The Triple Goddesses Healing 

This healing attunement is very much linked to the swan love energy, the Cygnus constellation, which is located in the middle of the Milky Way. The swan is also a Celtic animal totem that represents unconditional love, grace, beauty, elegance, divinity and radiance. The swan is a mystical being with a deep connection to music. Swans help us interpret dreams and assist us in spiritual development.

The triple goddesses energy allow us to tap into different aspects of femininity and allow us to truly embrace our vulnerabilities, yet to be assertive, creative, vibrant, resilient, determined and loving. It comes with a symbol and sounds.

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