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Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Vitruvian Man’

Inspirations started when I had a dream in winter in 2012, about the Vitruvian Man in the painting ‘Proportions of the Human Figure’ drawn by renown artist Leonardo da Vinci. This dream was later used as an inspiration to create a healing attunement called ‘The Vitruvian Man’.





In addition, the Vitruvian Man reveals the alignment of the constellation Orion’s Belt and ancient Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The Pyramid of Giza is a series of three pyramids in different sizes. Apart from the alignment of the constellation Orion’s Belt (Mintaka, Al Nilam and Al Nitak), it also aligns to the Earth’s four cardinal directions, North, East, South, West). Their orientation towards the River Nile also corresponds to the Orion’s Belt’s orientation towards the Milky Way (Harper, 2002). 


The Orion’s Belt marks the procession of the Equinox. At sunrise on the Vernal Equinox, in the age of Leo (approximately 10,500 BC), the Sphinx was facing directly towards the Constellation Leo, as it rises in the East.









Inside the Pyramid of Giza, the king’s and queen’s chambers orient towards different constellations, including the Sirius and Pole Star. The three points on the Orion’s Belts not only signify the three central points that hold the Universe in place, but also linked to the three central points in the Tree of Life. Apart from being aligned to the Orion’s Belt, the Great Pyramid is also aligned with the pole star Polaris, the “Seven Sisters” of the Pleiades and the four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius in the Zodiac and the Golden Ratio which was discovered around 1985 (Harper, 1998). The alignment of the pole star Polaris is a sign warning us of a pole shift (Vidler, 1998). As Vidler said, ‘All the pyramids of the Old Kingdom have a shaft oriented to the polar region in the sky. … an abundance of evidence confirming the ancient preoccupation with this axis on the celestial sphere and its association with a predicted Earth Shift.’


There was also a close connection with the Egyptian astrological wheel with the pyramid of Giza (see image 9).

Most researchers use east as the direction the pyramids and the Sphinx were facing. However, it is now shown that the three pyramids were aligned towards the point of the heliacal rising of Sirius, which is not truly east. It happens on 23rd July when the star Sirius rises about one minute before sunrise, appearing as a bright red star. 7.23 cm wavelength is also Om, the Hindu sound of the universe in the third dimension (Melchizedek, 2000). It is the moment when the Earth, our Sun and Sirius form a straight line. Interestingly, the eyeballs of the Sphinx are also looking at the same spot. This shows how the ancient Egyptian religion values Sirius as Isis was originated from Sirius and they also use heliacal rising of Sirius as part of their calendar system. The McCollum survey shows that when using this point of alignment, it matches the time when Edgar Cayce said it had been built at 10, 800 B.C..


When we look at the aerial view of the pyramids , the three pyramids physically touches Leo and Virgo on the astrological wheel. The Sphinx was originally half lion and half human female, which was recurved into that a man with a beard during the Fourth Dynasty. The beard eventually fell off but originally it was a female, a combined Leo (the lion) and Virgo (the virgin).















Another evidence was that the McCollum's survey map shows that if you were to draw lines from the pyramids, the apexes and corners across the circle of the wheel to the opposite side, it would confirm the current time period we are in now—the Age of Pisces moving into the Age of Aquarius (Melchizedek, 2000).

In a data analysis report on the Pyramid of Giza, Dunn (1998) found residues of solar power in the King’s chamber. There were no signs of electric power pole lines and the ancient Egyptians channelled the power from the sun and the stars. Their close connection to the stars and wisdom of using the pyramids to channel the energy of the stars are incredible. It is for DNA fine-tuning, to refine their “soul” body matrix, what Egyptians knew as the Ka and Ba twins (Harper, 1998). We were originally the children of the stars and we process sunlight through our solar atoms, just like how the plants process sunlight via photosynthesis. In Da Vinci’s painting, he ‘concealed’ messages of the Tree of Life by drawing an obscure thre ‘dimples’ in his abdomen area – and later found to be The Orion’s Belt – Alnitak (Gevurah), Alnilam (Tiphereth) and Mintaka (Chesed). The Vitruvian Man depicts a two six-pointed star (Star of David) or Merkaba shows that humans exist within all elements. As Da Vinci himself said, ‘The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe.’ (Harper, 2002).

In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci was very much into sacred geometries, including the Flower of Life. In his book The Unknown Leonardo, it has a few sketches of various ratios he has invented . Leonardo w  as the first person to figure all these ratios and applied them to physical inventions such as the helipcopter.























Interesting enough, the Golden Ratio also exists in human DNA helixes – when the length was divided by the width equals Phi. In fact, spirals do resemble our DNA helixes, in Vortex Mathematics invented by scientist Marko Rodin. This Golden Ratio manifests itself in as small as our DNA helixes, to our pineal gland which governs our intuition, to the Universe. Our pineal gland has shrank from the size of an eyeball to the size of a pea. Within this pineal gland, it stores the information of all sacred geometries. According to  Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1, we have a connecting tube running from the upper apex to the lower point through the body’s main energy centres and we were supposed to breath through the pineal gland rather than through the nose and mouth. As we channel the prana differently, we create  a different way of perceiving the reality, the polarity consciousness as he called it, since the Fall at the Atlantean times.


Another inspiring finding was that the origin of the Golden Ratio rectangle in this painting was situated in the heart chakra of the Vitruvian Man.  It makes a lot of sense since it is through our heart we make connection to other human beings and to our surroundings. It is through our heart we connect to the Source and the Universe.

About the Vitruvian Man Healing

This healing attunement was created the day after the Flower of Life was created, primarily inspired by a dream in 2012. It connects with the Tree of Life, the Golden Ratio, the Toroidal energy. It assists us in how we connect with our Venus – creativity, artistic sense, femininity, Moon – inner being, emotional self, Mercury – how we communicate with others and express ourselves. It also assists us in connecting to the primordial sound of the Omniverse within us. It assists in connecting back to the pineal gland more, and hopefully channeling prana through the pineal gland better. It opens up perception to all sacred geometries within us. It helps dissolving polarity consciousness and allow us to enhance our super sensorial senses.

It also helps expanding and strengthening our Mer-Ka-Ba within us.

In addition, it helps us connect more with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, as well as with the inner sun, stepping into our inner strength, the ‘Leo’ energy, combined with the divine feminine (Virgo), as mirrored by the Sphinx. It comes with a symbol and sounds.

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