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Inspirations - Toroidal & Tachyon Energy

333 has been a significant number to me. 3 is a number for trinity, as exists in various things like the Holy Trinity. 333 adds up to 9, which is a very powerful and magical number. As Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the zero-point energy said, “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” Apparently, according to vortex math, when 1 double or halve itself, it forms a pattern of ‘1,2,4,8,7,5,1,2,4,8,7,5,1,2,4…’ when adding all digits together. This set of numbers exists in creation and harmonics, which represents the physical, matter and motion. Following the pattern of these numbers, it forms a pattern like below like the shape of the DNA spiral helixes or the infinity.


Apparently, the bigger gap in the DNA represents the ‘Etheron flux field’ which is the magnetic field that governs the switching of the expression of the genes. The only numbers that don’t exist is 3,6 and 9. Scientist Marko Rodin believes numbers 3,6 and 9 represent a “flux field.” Which allows us to tap into free energy (Powell, 2014).


When doubling or halving 9, it always results in 9 when adding all digits together. On one side, 3 governs 1,2 and 4 whilst on the other side, 6 governs 5,7 and 8, 9 governs 3 and 6. It represents the universe. Randy Powell, a student of Marko Rodin, expands his work on vortex math, says 9 represents perfection and consciousness. The interconnected point is like a torus (see the ‘compass point’) (watch Randy Powell’s videos on ABHA Torus

On 17th April, a beautiful and heart-expanding vision of the toroidal vortex upgrading the entire healing tool appeared in my dream. On 27th September, a new master healing attunement ‘Zero-point Energy’ was created (see more on About Tachyon & Toroidal Energy). It was created to assist us in space time travelling and allows us to receive free zero-point energy. It grants us protection, access to infinite spiralling energy and opening gateways to the stars. The healing was further upgraded on 25th November.

On 17th October, a new element was added to Tachyon Soulprint called ‘Toroidal Touch’, during which various body areas are focused on during the session. It aims to disintegrate limiting beliefs and thought patterns associated with the area, replaced with functional beliefs and emotions through accessing toroidal energy.

About Tachyon & Toroidal Energy

This healing attunement opens multi-dimensional portal and space time portal and assists us in accessing these portals and parallel realities and spheres of existence. It sends healing to parallel realities and through various portals. It helps us connect internally with the primordial Gods, through the key of life and infinite eternity. It assists in regenerating, transmitting and receiving free toroidal and tachyon energy. It helps us with galactic and intergalactic communication. It grants us protection, access to infinite spiralling energy and opening gateway to the stars.

An further upgrade on the healing on 25th November, which enables us to harmonise and heal our mental, emotional, ethereal and physical body as well as our chakras. The Tachyon energy specifically aims to protect us against all electro smog and electromagnetic waves. It also work on strengthening the immune system, working on the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive system. It assists us to decipher the genetic codes stored in our DNA, allowing us to access the light from the stellar beings. 

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