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Merkabah Activation

This is the third part/final part of the healing, in which the sender visualises an image that assists in activating the person's Merkabah.

‘Mer’ means a specific kind of light in Egyptian times, ‘Ka’ refers to the individual spirit and ‘Ba’ refers to interpretation of our physical reality. Merkaba means a counterrotating field of light that affects spirit and body and the same time. It is a vehicle that enables us to travel across dimensions and realities. When our geometric energy fields are spinning at the speed of light around our bodies which we were supposed to since the Atlantean times, it is called ‘Mer-Ka-Ba’.  


We are our Merkabas within us. The Merkaba is like a key within us, activated by the Soul Blueprint, can we then connect to the cosmos, the light beings. The Merkaba works on the pineal gland, which governs our intuition.

Merkabah is known to travel across dimensions and inter-terrestrial portals. 

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