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Inspirations - Galactic Butterfly

On 13th July, Tachyon Soulprint was integrated with the energy of the Mayan symbol Galactic butterfly. It represents all that exists in the galaxy or the unified consciousness, the Mayan central sun. It also represents duality – the Yin and the Yang. In other ways it symbolises the galactic center of the Milky Way. Interesting enough, the Galactic butterfly also appeared in a crop circle in Cannings Cross, Wiltshire  on 27th June. 



The crop circle was then reconstructed on 10th July with additional orbs surrounding the edge of the butterfly, which was exactly 13 days after, and 13 represents transformation, which is a token for butterfly. The orbs represent adding in the energy of the light beings assisting in this transformation.


About the Galactic Butterfly Healing

The Galactic Butterfly became part of the master healing on 15th July. It represents the Mayan central sun energy, which helps us connect better with the Source, the unified consciousness. It assists in soul retrievals, preventing soul ‘walk-ins’ and soul loss. It is also an energy purifier and assists us to align with our soul consciousness and the universal consciousness. It can be described as a ‘solar shower’ of light.

The symbol represents being balanced in our actions, thoughts and emotions, being aligned and act with discernment and purity of the heart, to gain connection with the Source and our soul consciousness. It comes with a symbol and sounds.


galactic butterfly.jpg
Galactic Butterfly Hunab Ku Crop Circle
The Galactic Butterfly Hunab Ku Crop Cir
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