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Inspirations first came from a dream I had back in 2012 - about the Vitruvian Man - the painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The Vitruvian Man is a reflection of the constellation of Orion's Belt as well as following the Golden ratio. It also aligns with the Pyramids of Giza. The Golden Ratio also exists in our DNA and in nature. Other inspirations include Cygnus Constellations, Dogon Tribe - Dolphin Beings, Galactic Butterfly, White Lions - Celestial Animal Beings, Christ Consciousness Grid, and most of all, Vortex Mathematics, Toroidal & Tachyon Energy 

Mysteriously, during the creation process, a mysterious spiral that appeared out of a coconut oil tub. It was a perfect cut that appeared overnight inside a cupboard. The missing part was missing. It was suggesting that the spiral actually representing our DNA. Another similar surprise happened when a hole was cut through a soap whilst I was sending healing to different clients by singing. Again, the missing part was missing. 


In an interesting 'coincidence', I then created copper pyramid with the help of a friend, later created a giant copper Merkabah. For more details about the inspirations, please go to various sections named under Inspirations

This healing was initially created to assist my own healing journey and that of my family, but later extended to assist others who feel the urge to change and renovate their DNA. 

During this self exploration journey, I have written a book titled 'The Rise of a Spiralling Phoenix - from Mind Control'' recording the events that happened during the process as well as describing how this healing system works. If you're interested to find out more, you can purchase my ebook by clicking on the button below. To see my eBooks, click Here. 

Here, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to all who have supported me, encouraged me, inspired me, challenged me during this journey.

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