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  1. Light Field Assimilation

  2. Anchor Galactic Frequency in Multidimensionality

  3. Quantum Light Universe Activation

    Light Field Assimilation/ Synchronisation

  • Ability to generate light field in holographic universes

  • Activate a plane/ field of particular frequency or attribute (e.g. light field of love and fraternity, truth, infinity, etc) or a golden timeline. Then create a conscious light pathway that connects one’s toroidal field with the light field that is created/ manifested.

  • Through conscious frequency resonance, it establishes the pathway, synchronisation like an electric circuit via toroidal energy, circulating crystalline codes, geometric crystalline flower-like quantum particles. The two fields may not exist on the same plane, can be across dimensions/ realities. This is frequency resonance synchronisation and assimilation, which creates crystalline geometric, magnetic, vibratory ripple effect, amplifying and magnetising more light during the process. It expands in multidimensional light pathways and vibrates in all dimensions.

  • Also work on twin souls

PS sometimes the light field can be infiltrated, thus have to do clearing before anchoring it

How to do it?

  • Connect with the frequency you want to anchor/ disconnect from

  • Sense area of body to anchor/ release the frequency/ field

  • Anchor/ release the frequency/ field

Frequency Resonance Field/ Portal

  • Connect with quantum light universe, connect with toroidal field, from heart, generate frequency resonance field, bright white spheric glow

  • Compass – align, anchor this frequency resonance field in your field

  • Tune in with consistent galactic frequency in your wholeness, soul vibration, all physicality, energy bodies and field, all parallel and multidimensional souls

  • Tune in with cosmic dial (portals)

When one light burst ignites the other light bursts, in other dimensions and realities, impulsing, affecting other consciousness that/who share the same bandwidth of frequency to ascend – information-wise, light-wise, electric-wise, ascension-wise

Like light field assimilation, they don’t ‘touch’ or overlap, they connect via portals and frequency resonance. So when you consciously activate a light field, consciousness that shares that bandwidth of frequency will be anchored with light, like the light magnets being attracted to it, via activating light and raising its vibration across dimensions and realities.

Using frequency resonance field, you can anchor more light fields and disintegrate cloaked or imposed dense fields and energetic web set up for collective.

The dark forces also use frequency resonance as law of quantum universes to siphon energy from the masses and to anchor density across portals. Especially with AI, the frequency codes/ energetic ‘cloud’ that ties people in, to generate dense frequency resonance portal/field, in which broadcast message, programming, thought form, emotions can be sent to the group that share that frequency bandwidth. The dense frequency resonance portal also attracts low density beings to it.


How to combat dense frequency resonance field?

  • Connect with light field of truth

  • Perceive the field/ consciousness being hijacked

  • Clear the hijacked field/ consciousness – programming, thought forms, energy drains, colours

  • Retrieve energy stolen  

  • Reclaim sovereignty for the light field/ consciousness

  • Retrieve energy from people who’ve propagated this cycle of energy hijack

  • Release those people who have been trapped in this energetic web

  • Release karma for those who subconsciously consent to be part of dark field ritual

  • Reverse effects of dense frequency resonance ritual

  • Use light field of truth and field of universal love to deactivate this dense frequency resonance web that traps and ties people in that bandwidth

  • Anchor and align with light field of (e.g. love, compassion, infinity, omnipresence, truth)

Adjust portals  

  • Feel energy field of portals – adjust waves, flows, frequency, colours and geometry of portals, expand or contract


Anchor Galactic Frequency in Multidimensionality

By means of activating multidimensionality, it is to activate and unite its consciousness by photonic light, like light threads that unite all souls in various planes, dimensions and realities. There’s a conscious connection in which you can exchange light codes and amplify soul power together – conscious soul empowerment. Anchoring galactic frequency means anchor highest subtlest frequency where the soul resides – stellar frequency in human body

  • Anchor galactic frequency in omnipresence, across dimensions and realities

  • Anchor galactic frequency in multidimensional souls and connect with your soul avatar – where you originated from

  • Activate multidimensional soul in the quantum field, activated by photonic light, connected together simultaneously on different planes, galaxies and dimensions, realities

  • Activate light channels/ pathways between multidimensional souls on various planes and realities, in various stellar planets, systems and the avatar in the stellar origin

  • Connect all multidimensional souls to the golden timeline, to infinity


Quantum Light Universe Activation  

Light universe is based on our magnetism and holographic frequency. It is our creation, out of ‘nowhere’. As we shift our frequency and dimensions, the light universe also raises its frequency and dimensional range. You can download and build your own light universe and make it your own shelter so to speak, med bed rejuvenation centre and storage of crystalline codes from benevolent stellar groups

  • Its magnitude and amplitude releases, dissolves these holographic capsules in the galaxy where souls are being trapped – transmute these trapped souls so that they can return to Source, soul avatar or human vessel (under free will)

  • Place/shelter where stellar beings can rejuvenate their energies and for those who are awaiting to be incarnated on Earth

  • Storage of crystalline codes for stellar beings – to download, activate, assimilate crystalline codes (downloads/ assimilation are automatic, in divine timing, pace and order)

  • Med Beds – assimilation, activation, rejuvenation, soul ascension

  • Connect with unified field of galactic federation of light, golden timelines, 13D frequency

  • Platform to create frequency resonance field across dimensions and realities, on Earth and in galaxy, and within human vessel or any consciousness

  • A travelling means/ portal to travel across dimensions and multidimensionally and connect with parallel souls and multidimensional souls

  • Connect with light ‘outposts’ in galaxy

  • Clear any uprising karma to be cleared in stellar planets/ collective stellar groups

  • Terminate dark ET contact that intrude rights of the soul

  • Clear collective projection/ interception of perception imposed by any stellar groups via their personal/ indirect experiences (stellar stereotype, can be out of good intentions to protect you)

  • Perceive available timelines in toroidal field via connecting with quantum light universe – Ascend timelines, radiate and amplify more light in your timelines and for collective, portals, stellar planets

  • Ascend collective frequency of stellar beings and planets

  • Void planetary, galactic karma.

  • Speedy clearing of uprising karma due to ancient dormant dark portals being activated

  • Release individual and collective stellar karmic residues

  • Release undivine soul contracts and planetary contracts

  • Activate more pockets of light in galaxy, activate other light portals via sound, holographic crystalline codes, geometry, colours/ light, toroidal energy

  • Generate holographic crystalline codes for activation of soul gifts and capacities

  • Might be possible to be aligned with subtler cosmic laws – more ascension but greater soul responsibility



Establish Quantum Light Universe

  • Feel it, perceive its colours and vibrance

  • Connect with galactic sun and galactic federation of light and with your stellar light teams, field of divine love and fraternity, Source and infinity, cosmic divine mother, divine creation

  • Perceive yourself and twin soul unified field connecting with it

  • Ask that this light universe be reservoir of crystalline codes of all benevolent stellar groups assisting in humanity ascension and ascension in galactic universes

  • Download any crystalline codes of any stellar groups you have connections with or those new light stellar alliances

  • Ask that any benevolent stellar groups to transfer, anchor crystalline codes into this light universe for the use of ascension for humans and stellar beings



It is advised to complete healing practitioner course before doing the activations. 


  1. Light Field Assimilation £111

  2. Anchor Galactic Frequency in Multidimensionality £111

  3. Quantum Light Universe Activation £444

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